Friday, May 6, 2011

I miss Tiffanee... and I think I met someone else. :P

She and Chris haven't even been gone a full day yet, and I miss them already. Gonna suck not being able to hang out anymore. But at least I got to see her yesterday and almost all of today, and met several people from her family. Her mom is awesome and so nice, and her sister that was there yesterday and today was cool too. Had fun talking to her.

Oh, and I think I've met someone awesome. She is a CNA, and I can't remember how old, lol. Umm, she and I think alike on so much already. Especially on the hole trust issue which is awesome after what my ex put me through. I sure as hell won't do that again, haha. But it's so awesome we think so much alike on the important stuff. We texted almost all day today and it was great. Got so be with Tiffanee and talk to someone I might hook up with. :D

Anyway, I need to get to bed. My head is killing me from my lack of sleep last night. Later!

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