Saturday, May 7, 2011

Decent day today.

Well, I woke up today, as usual, at the crack of noon, lol. Had the Nissan truck loaded on my car hauler already, and brought it up to the house to clear the crap out of it. Got to talk to Karen for a while while I worked. Talking to her while doing that seemed to make the time fly by and I was done in no time. Cleaned it out, and before I was ready to leave, my dad said he wasn't going to be able to go with me. Kinda sucked cause since coming out he and I seem to have gotten closer and it really helps him to get out. But I took to truck off anyway. Took it to Pull A Part instead of PSC since they were offering $13 per hundred compared to $12 per hundred. Plus, I got to be lazy and leave the wheels on it and the gas tank. Got $340 for the truck. More than I planned on really. The point in scrapping the truck instead of repairing it was just to pay my cell phone bill since it was $250 something and had 6 days left to pay it. No way I was pulling that out of my butt, haha.

Anyway, cashed the check at the credit union on the way home, and figured I'd work on my CRT tv that had crapped out. It had started getting horizontal lines across the top of the screen a week or so ago. As time passed, the area of lines seemed to get larger. So... I posted on my radio forum asking about it. One of the full time tv techs there told me a capacitor in the vertical output section was bad and needed replaced. So I tore it apart on the bed,replaced the capacitor and reassembled. Put it back on my armoire, and when I turned it on, the line were there again. :(

I was just like, screw it. Thought to myself, I'll just order the power board the big screen in the garage needs and trash this POS. Got Ariel and we went out front for a cigarette and played for a few. When we came back in, I saw the lines on the tv weren't there. Ok then... so I figured it as a fluke, and played some video games on the pS3 for a while. It's 4 am right now and the lines haven't come back yet. I'm going to give it till tomorrow afternoon before I say it's fixed. No matter though, cause I do plan on ordering that part for the big flat screen in my shop so i can play Gran Turismo 5 and Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare in HD.

Speaking of that, I bought the new Red Dead Redemption today. Got it cheap too. I bught it right before I worked on the tv at Gamestop and finally got their card thing that gets a discount online and in stores. Well, I had a new girl there ring me up. Not that that in its self means something bad was going to happen, but just wait. Came home, did the tv, got the case out to play, and guess what? The disc wasn't in the case. Damn. Called Gamestop, the girl that answered said to bring the case and the receipt and they'd get the disc for me. Being 20 till 9 pm, I rished down there. Made it there at 9 on the mark, right after they locked the door. The girl said if I waited they would get it when they came out. anyay I waited and got it. The manager guy gave me his card with some stuff wrote on it saying I could get a 10% discount next time I came in with it.

I've been playing it since I got home tonight. Awesome game and super hard. But it's giving me panic attacks about leaving my room though. Sucks soooo bad. But on a good note, Karen and her man will be here soon which is gonna be soooooooooo awesome! I seriously can't wait. It gonna be great once she's here. :)

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