Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good and bad day today, with a good link. :D

Ok, the good. Found out at therapy I was diagnosed with GID and depression, which means if things go right, I'll get to go to TSB for free! I'm still so freakin excited! Now that the ball is in my court, I gotta get my butt in gear and get enrolled and the paperwork started.

Next up, the bad. I dropped a 200 pound tv on my foot. And it went corner first in too. But I replaced the cheapo Ilo tv in my bedroom with a much larger RCA tv. It looks great, and has an audio out that is controlled by the volume. Freakin' awesome. Now I won't have to get up to turn the audio from my movies down at my Heathkit amplifier. :)

On another note, I met a guy online a couple days ago. Just sent me a how's it going email, and said he collected antique radios too. Well, we've been talking the past couple days through texts and emails. BTW, gay guys I've noticed are quite eager to give their numbers out to trannies they think are hot, lol. Anyway, after a discussion about travel tonight, he really got into getting to know me. He's a good looking guy, has a great job, and has many of the same interests as I do. I'm not getting my hopes up, but it would be cool if we hit it off. And then I'm also talking to a guy not too far from here too that's pretty awesome. Something is starting to click with him.

Besides that, I got 2 ceiling fans installed today on my parents deck. OMG, do they make a huge difference out there. So worth the extra effort to get installed. Also, my phone got shut off today thanks to my ex. When she canceled her phone by accessing my account without my permission, she canceled mine too. That screw up (nothing new for her) put over $600 on my account. Freakin rediculous. But since she did it, it's not surprising to me at all it happened.

And lastly the link. Fair warning, if the aterworks come one when you watch anything emotional, get some tissues ready before you watch. What happens in the video is so my dream now. :)

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