Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Still miserable.

I'm still miserable today. Not as bad as yesterday though. I'm still coughing like there's no tomorrow. Feel like I'm gonna puke I'm coughing so much.


It's for sure now, I'm getting my nose pierced with Tiffanee. Hopefully she can get the money to soon, cause I'm getting really anxious. I haven't asked what side she wants hers on, but it would be awesome if we both wanted the same side, lol. It's all good however things happen, as long as I get the memory of getting a piercing for the first time not out of anger or pain, and the memory of having fun and getting pierced with my bff. I think after all I've been through in my life and the pain and hurt I've been given, I deserve a good memory for once.

Speaking of that, most actions from my past were done out of anger or because of pain inflicted on me by those who I thought cared for me, whether it was friends or someone I as dating. Most of my tattoos, my piercings, my physical and emotional scars. Not that I regret getting any one of those though. It's just a reminder of the hell on earth I've had to go through to get to a good point in my life finally. There is one tattoo I still want to do. It would be a chain that would start around my ankle and probably wrap around my leg, almost to my hip. In each link, would be a name of a person, in order, that has either physically or emotionally hurt me in my life. At the end of it, there would be a lock, to symbolize the end of pain and sorrow, and the beginning of happiness. I also want to have a cross tattooed on my somewhere too, since I've finally gotten saved. I just ant a way to show that without saying it.

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