Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's a good day so far.

It's only 2:51 PM (as of starting this), and it's already a good day. Normally I can never tell whether it's a good day or not till it's time for bed. I had an appointment with Janet today, my therapist, and that went really well. I told her that I quit my antidepressants, and was happier off them than on them. Told her how tings were going in my life, like my relationship with Whitney and Tiffanee, getting out more, going to XYZ, and how I have a date with a super hot 22 y/o UT student. She's amazed at how well I'm progressing from my total depression that was almost debilitating, to making so much progress.I've mentioned several times the HBSC, and she said last time, she had began reading it. That got me up a bit.

   Really, I don't absolutely need therapy anymore, but it does keep me up if something has me down at that time. She even mentioned the way things are going, my not anting to try suicide anymore, and the fact I have my citting almost completely under control and am working to stop even having the urges, that there's really not an absolute need to keep coming. But... today, she said after asking a few things that she's trying to diagnose me. So I'm hoping that means she might do the letter I need to start HRT the legal and safe way. Ordering them from out of country sucks. But, getting it this way is the only way I can get it right now, so it's a risk I'm willing to take.

Anyway, time to go get some Sprites. Later!

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