Monday, April 18, 2011


   Ok, he just keeps getting better and better. :) I just finished talking to him for the past couple hours now, and literally every single word out of his mouth makes me like him more and more. We talked about movies and music, and relationships tonight. He was amazed I'd been in a relationship for almost 5 years. Oh, and he is such a gentleman too!  I think in these 2 days we've talked online we have really gotten to know each other rather well. Don't get me wrong, I can get to know someone quite fast, but this is just amazing! it's going so fast it's unbelievable! The getting to know each other part, that is, lol. Since my bff is leaving with her hubby tomorrow sometime for some family issues, I had to reschedule our date cause I need me a new outfit to meet him. Not an issue, by any means. He actually had eaten something today that has gotten him sick, so at least we're on the same boat. Hopefully our date goes through on Thursday.

   I can't for the life of my think of anyone that has me so excited for a first date. I'm almost to the point of giving myself an anxiety attack over meeting him! Lol. I've never been that way over anyone before. :P ell, I need to get to sleep, so I'm going to end this here. These 5 am nights are killing me, but it's so worth it to talk to him. Later!

BTW, he told me that he really likes me and really hopes there's some chemistry between us. :D

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